About Me

I'm an aspiring linguist who gathers (experimental) evidence to test and develop theories of grammar. My goal is to get a better idea of how language is represented in our minds. I'm a doctoral candidate in the DFG-funded CRC 1287  at the University of Potsdam, and my dissertation project concerns the variability of sharing constructions within and across languages. I investigate their reconstruction potential for Binding Principle C to find out more about their underlying syntax. My supervisors are Doreen Georgi  and Malte Zimmermann. Beyond this project, I am particularly interested in studying languages outside of the Indo-European family that have received little attention from experimental linguists this far. I have experience working with Turkic and Niger-Congo languages, and the ones that are most dear to me, Uralic languages. My usual perspective is that of a (morpho-) syntactician, occasionally dabbling in semantics and psycholinguistics.

Curriculum Vitae

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  • Reconstruction for Binding Principle C in Sharing Constructions (doctoral dissertation)
  • Exhaustivity of embedded questions in Akan (with Nadine Bade)
  • (Verbal) affix order in Hungarian 
  • Case and agreement in Turkish relative clauses (master thesis)
  • Object agreement in Tundra Nenets


Talks & Posters
  • Sarvas, Timea. 2022. Scope Ambiguities among Suffixes in Hungarian: Mood and Modality. Talk presented at ConSOLE 30, Nantes.
  • Sarvas, Timea & Johannes Rothert. 2020. Challenges for Theories of (Post-) Syntactic Head Movement: Tense and Modality in Hungarian. Poster presented at SinFonIJA 13, Budapest.
  • Sarvas, Timea. 2021. Case and Agreement Patterns in Turkish Nonsubject Relative Clauses. An Experimental Approach. MA Thesis, University of Potsdam. 



Email me at sarvas[at]uni-potsdam[dot]de, or find me on OSF or ResearchGate


Linguistics Department, University of Potsdam
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25, House 14, office 3.40
14476 Potsdam

How to pronounce my name
  • Szarvas Tímea: Hungarian spelling and order, pronounced sɒrvɒʃ ti:mɛ​ɒ⁠⁠
  • Timea Sarvaš: Serbocroatian spelling, pronounced timɛa sarvaʃ
  • Timea Sarvas: German spelling of the Serbocroatian spelling, pronounced tʰime:a sa:vas
    Either of these is fine – choose your player!