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New paper: Sarvas, Timea. 2022. Scope ambiguities among suffixes in Hungarian: mood and modality at LF. In: Holtz, A., Kovač, I. & Puggaard-Rode, R. (eds): Proceedings of the 30th Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe, p. 102–124. Leiden Centre of Linguistics.

About Me

I'm an aspiring linguist who gathers (experimental) evidence to test and develop theories of grammar. My goal is to understand the abstract rules that human language is based on, how these rules systematically interact and how much or little they differ across the languages of the world.

I'm currently a doctoral candidate in the DFG-funded CRC 1287  at the University of Potsdam. My dissertation project concerns the variability of sharing constructions, i.e. special types of filler-gap dependencies. I investigate the reconstruction of the displaced element for Binding Principle C to find out more about the underlying syntax of parasitic gaps and ATB-movement. My supervisors are Doreen Georgi  and Malte Zimmermann.

Beyond this project, I am interested in the architecture of grammar and methods in experimental syntax. I also enjoy working with understudied languages and have a soft spot for the Uralic language family. My primary focus is syntax, occasionally dabbling in morphology, semantics and psycholinguistics.

Curriculum Vitae

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I studied German as a second language and general linguistics at the University of Tübingen and linguistics at the University of Potsdam, with both places shaping and solidifying my interest in quantitative linguistics. Before committing to syntax, I had a chance to gain insight into various different fields of linguistics through being a student assistant, such as language acquisition, computational linguistics and pragmatics.


  • Reconstruction for Binding Principle C in Sharing Constructions (doctoral dissertation)
  • Exhaustivity of embedded questions in Akan (with Nadine Bade)
  • (Verbal) affix order in Hungarian 
  • Case and agreement in Turkish relative clauses (master thesis)
  • Object agreement in Tundra Nenets (almost master thesis)


Talks & Posters



Email me at sarvas[at]uni-potsdam[dot]de, or find me on OSF or ResearchGate


Linguistics Department, University of Potsdam
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25, House 14
14476 Potsdam

How to pronounce my name
  • [sɒrvɒʃ ti:mɛ​ɒ] if you're addressing me in Hungarian⁠⁠
  • [tʰime:a sa:vas] otherwise